Preparation of Contract

Generally, the Real Estate Agent that markets your property will prepare a contract of sale for you based on the conditions outlined by the buyer as part of the terms of purchase. In some instances, an individual person selling a property may wish to stipulate the conditions in which the agent must sell the property.

This may include specific instruction with respect to some fittings that the seller may want to retain. The seller may also wish to divulge certain information about the property which remains unconditional as part of the sale.

In these situations, A.L.F. Lawyers can prepare contracts of sale for you ensuring that all of your conditions of sale are included. The contract is then provided to the Real Estate Agent who will divulge the conditions of sale to the potential buyer.

This approach ensures that a seller’s wishes are clearly described within the contract ensuring that special conditions associated with the sale are disclosed to the agent and the
buyer up front.

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