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ALF’s Commercial Lawyers in Brisbane fully understand that commercial law requires a detailed understanding of the expediency with which business is done. We aim to produce a commercial lease or a commercial lease agreement within 48 hours of receipt, where needed, to ensure we work with you to secure the deal. This proficiency we’ve gained from years of experience and skillset by each of our commercial lease lawyer at A.L.F. Lawyers.

Our Brisbane commercial lawyers have extensive experience in all facets of commercial law, including landlord or tenant leases, business acquisition or sale, the purchase or sale of a commercial, retail, or industrial building, property development and sub-division, partnership agreements, and general advice on commercial law matters. Every commercial lease lawyer at our firm can even advise you on leases, acquisitions, and more.

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Our Promise, As a Commercial Lease Lawyer

Our commercial lease lawyer Brisbane understands the importance of having a commercial lease, tenant lease, or industrial lease prepared quickly and accurately the first time. The pace of business today demands that the legal process be aligned to the day to day business, which is why, when needed, we do our best to prepare your commercial lease within 48 hours after we receive it, providing all the necessary information is available. Learn more about our services as a commercial lease lawyer in Brisbane here.

Our Brisbane Commercial Solicitors can assist in the following areas
  • Preparation and or Review of a Commercial Lease
  • Advice regarding the various structures for your business and the most appropriate structure for your venture;
  • Preparation and administration of trust deeds;
  • Establishment and structuring of companies, including share allocations and company constitution;
  • Pre-Contract Advice;
  • Preparation of contracts and special conditions;
  • Contract review;
  • Negotiation of terms;
  • Due Diligence;
  • Property settlements;
  • Review and Preparation of Leases, assignment of Leases or deed of covenants;
  • Advice and preparation of Franchise Agreements;
  • Advice and preparation of Partnership Agreements, Joint Venture Agreements and Shareholders or Share Sale Agreements; and
  • Other general commercial advice.

Meet one of our Commercial Property Lawyer’s with a vast experience in Commercial Law, Property Development and Land Sub-Division.

Essentials in A Commercial Lease or Tenant Lease Agreement

There are a number of key essentials that are required to prepare your lease. This article provides Landlords and Tenants some handy tips of what you should consider as part of the negotiation.

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