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At ALF Lawyers, we provide a comprehensive suite of legal services to individuals, families, and businesses that reside in Queensland, Australia. Among our varied specialist areas includes providing our clients with qualified conveyancing lawyers. As we work with a wide range of different client profiles, it’s reasonable to expect the occasional enquiry that asks for help with conveyancing knowledge that Strathpine businesses and individuals seek out. Regardless of the nature of your needs, our team of commercial lawyers is well-equipped with the necessary knowledge and experience required by those seeking conveyancing lawyers whom Strathpine locals can depend on.

We strive to assist our clients in finding reliable and dependable expertise, whenever they need it the most. As a law firm that Strathpine residents and businesses recognise, our offices are always ready to provide helpful, obligation-free consultation if you should have an enquiry that you need help with. As we can provide a broad scope of legal services that covers a comprehensive range of legal matters, we are also adept at helping business owners resolve any matters involving commercial law. Simply reach out to our offices if you need commercial lawyers who can help you locally.

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    Comprehensive Legal Expertise and Experience in Strathpine

    Whether it’s a family lawyer that you need, or commercial lawyers that Strathpine businesses regard highly, ALF Lawyers is held in high regard within our community. Regardless of your specific need for legal assistance, our team of lawyers is always ready to provide our specialist legal knowledge. Among the broad list of legal services with each of our family lawyers in Strathpine, we often receive requests for include:

    • Family law expertise,
    • Wills & Estates knowledge,
    • Criminal law, and
    • Assistance with commercial conveyancing, to name just some examples.

    We are a law firm that Strathpine locals can look to for support, regardless of what their legal circumstances entail. With our track record of collective experiences, our team of lawyers is always ready to provide reliable consultation, and to keep an empathic understanding of your legal obligations and desired outcomes. Beyond matters of conveyancing and commercial law, we can also support any need you may have for Family lawyers whom Strathpine residents trust.
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    Aiding Strathpine Residents and Businesses with Trusted Legal Support

    Whether you need a commercial lawyer to assist you with the management of contracts for your business, or family lawyers who can help you identify and work towards clear objectives within a difficult family situation, ALF Lawyers is always ready to help. We are highly-versed in assisting our clients in specific personal and business matters, and are able to provide expert counsel through prioritising a consultative approach with our clients.

    Whether it’s legal advice you need, or effective legal support throughout a challenging scenario, you can trust that our years of experience and expertise will help in enabling you to achieve quick and desirable outcomes. Often, this can mean the difference between securing business assets within a timely manner, or protecting your family interests in the event of any dispute that may arise within a marriage. Regardless of the nature of your enquiry, ALF Lawyers is more than ready to provide reliable consultation with our family lawyers in Strathpine.

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    ALF Lawyers: Your Trusted Legal Firm in Strathpine

    No matter the nature of your legal circumstances, it never hurts to be within reach of trusted and reliable legal expertise. Our legal team is among the most trusted within the region, having worked with business leaders and families alike. Whether it involves a family or a business matter, our team of experts are always able to provide a balanced opinion that not only takes your circumstances into consideration, but also applies the best of our practical legal knowledge to the task. For trusted legal counsel in Strathpine, call our offices today at (07) 3088 6161.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    When will I need property conveyancing?

    – When you require the transfer of property ownership between one party to another.

    Are you able to help if I wish to buy a house?

    – Our team of legal Conveyancing Lawyers can work with you throughout the process and are always approachable to answer any questions you may have.

    What should I look for when finding legal help with conveyancing?

    – We always value open and effective communication with our clients. You should consider a firm’s reputation, experience and the confidence that your conveyance will be treated as a priority and always be considered as one of the biggest experiences most people go through.

    Does this involve a lengthy process?

    – It is common in residential conveyancing that settlements occur 30 days after a contract has been signed. Although every conveyance is different and may be for longer periods. Contract dates are agreed between the parties and timeframes generally work to suit everyone.

    Is it an expensive process?

    – Conveyancing does not need to be expensive. We offer our clients competitive and fixed fees and depending on your specific needs, we will  be able to provide you with an upfront breakdown of the specific services we can provide

    Do you provide consultations across Brisbane?

    – We provide professional service to clients throughout Brisbane and have an office available to provide our legal support.

    Can I only consult with you at your office?

    – Conveyancing can be carried out electronically and documents can be sent and received via e-mail or post. However, we do welcome visits by clients who find it more convenient to attend our office.

    Should I only work with local conveyancers?

    – This is a common misconception as some of our clients have been recommended that they work with a local conveyancer that practices within the suburb they wish to purchase a property in. A.L.F. Lawyers has extensive experience with property transactions throughout Queensland.

    Do you provide any other legal services?

    – Yes! A.L.F. Lawyers also provides legal support on matters such as Criminal and Family Law, Wills and Estates and Commercial Law.

    Why should I choose A.L.F. Lawyers?

    – We provide professional and effective legal support through our legal processes. We are available to our clients and pride ourselves on working closely with our clients. Our service is exceptional as evident by the many reviews on social media, google and our website from our wonderful clients. When things get difficult, we are always there for you.


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