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Commercial Leases, Industrial Leases and Retail Leases are legally binding contracts between a business owner and the owner of the property. At A.L.F. Lawyers, our commercial lease lawyers, who are well-reputed in Brisbane, understand that an enforceable and binding lease is vital and could mean the difference between being able to enforce a provision of your lease or suffering loss as a result of the lease being unenforceable.

Over the years, we have established leases which are suitable for the Landlord and  the Tenant as they are intended to maximise and protect our clients’ interests.

Our commercial lease lawyers in Brisbane understand the commercial importance of expediency when working on leases and we assure our clients that our team will work closely with you, the real estate agent and the other parties’ solicitors to ensure that an effective agreement is entered into in a timely manner.


Our team keeps up to date with changes in the Retail Shop Leasing Act to ensure that you are meeting with and complying with any changes to statutory laws.

A poor leasing decision can be a costly mistake as a lease is usually central to the goodwill, value, and future sale of the business. We would be delighted to meet with you and demonstrate how our Leases can add value to your business.

The article below gives you some principles to consider when entering into a Lease either as the Landlord or the Tenant.

Essentials in A Commercial Lease or Tenant Lease Agreement

There are a number of key essentials that are required to prepare your lease. This article provides Landlords and Tenants some handy tips of what you should consider as part of the negotiation.

Meet one of our Commercial Property Lawyers with a vast experience in Commercial Law, Property Development and Land Sub-Division.

Benefit to Landlords
  1. Where necessary, we will expedite a Lease to a potential tenant within 48 hours after receiving your full instructions;
  2. Our leases have evolved over many years of experience;
  3. We provide a checklist for your new tenant outlining their key responsibilities under the Lease; and
  4. Because of the standardisation of our Lease documents, you will incur lower legal costs where our services are required to resolve problems or disputes in the future.
Benefit to Tenants
  1. We will undertake a detailed review of your proposed Lease;
  2. We will identify any hidden costs up front;
  3. We take the time to explain conditions of your Lease that may impact your day to day business;
  4. We make ourselves available during the negotiation so you can contact us; and
  5. We will ensure that the terms of your Lease reflect terms agreed between the parties.

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    Our Promise To You

    We understand that getting a deal over the line in today’s world of business requires collaboration, professionalism and it needs to happen quickly.

    Where necessary, we will make every effort to have a lease prepared and issued for review within 48 hours of receipt once all of the information required is received from you.

    Our Commercial Lease Solicitors in Brisbane Can Assist in the Following Areas
    • Preparation and or Review of a Commercial Lease
    • Advice regarding the various structures for your business and the most appropriate structure for your venture;
    • Preparation and administration of trust deeds;
    • Establishment and structuring of companies, including share allocations and company constitution;
    • Pre-Contract Advice;
    • Preparation of contracts and special conditions;
    • Contract review;
    • Negotiation of terms;
    • Due Diligence;
    • Property settlements;
    • Review and Preparation of Leases, assignment of Leases or deed of covenants;
    • Advice and preparation of Franchise Agreements;
    • Advice and preparation of Partnership Agreements, Joint Venture Agreements and Shareholders or Share Sale Agreements; and
    • Other general commercial advice.


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