Buying Or Selling a Commercial Property

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Buying a Commercial Retail or Industrial Property

If you are preparing to purchase a commercial, retail, or industrial property, you should consider obtaining early legal advice from a Commercial Lawyer. Initial interest in a property is generally associated with the location, quality of the tenant and return on investment.

Whilst these factors are important, the zoning of the property, town planning, contamination, structure of the building, status of renovations, extensions and overall building works and GST, can also influence your purchase decision.

The team of Commercial Lawyers at A.L.F. Lawyers can guide you and advise on the due-diligence process you should adopt to assess if you are purchasing a commercial property or purchasing an industrial building.

Having a professional, experienced Commercial Lawyer working with you early in the acquisition of your commercial, retail and industrial property can be of tremendous value.

Our Commercial Lawyers will ensure that your purchase contract contains all the necessary clauses to protect your interests, outline the information required for due-diligence and ensure that you have sufficient time allowed within the contract to complete your due-diligence prior to the contract going unconditional.

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    Selling a Commercial Retail or Industrial Property

    In preparation to Sell a Commercial Property be it a Retail Building and Office Block or an Industrial Building, it is fundamental to establish what will be included and excluded from the sale. Depending on the number of tenancies, and the size and usage of the building, often clarification is needed as to ownership of assets such as air conditioning, fixtures and fittings, solar panel etc.

    A Commercial Solicitor can guide and advise you in establishing what should be included in the sale and the value of the asset.

    We encourage our Clients to prepare all the relevant documents involved in a due-diligence prior to going to contract.

    We also work with our clients to understand the level of confidentiality associated with the Property and relevant details of the Leases. Where necessary we prepare confidentiality agreements for perceptive buyers to sign to ensure that confidential information is protected.

    A.L.F. Lawyers Commercial Lawyers, can assist clients in creating a perspective buyers selection criteria that assists in authenticating buyers prior to releasing confidential documents.

    Considerations when buying a commercial property, office block, retail property, or an industrial building
    Things to consider when purchasing any property include:
    • Get Legal Advice
    • Do Your¬†Research
    • Zoning & Town Planning
    • Length of Due-Diligence
    • Conditions of Purchase
    • Clarify Ownership of All Chattels & Fixtures
    • Document All Promises And Commitments In Writing
    • Inspect
    • Measure Land
    • Restrictions
    • Identify All Easements
    • Renovations, Extensions & Recent Building Work
    • Rates & Taxes
    • Government Charges
    • Connection Of Services
    • Time Required for Financing
    • Foreign Investor

    Meet one of our Commercial Property Lawyer with a vast experience in Commercial Law, Property Development and Land Sub-Division.

    There are considerable factors that can complicate the purchase or sale of a property. Estimating the quantity of information a perspective buyer will require and the likely issues that may originate from building and pest inspections are extremely difficult to predict. We encourage our clients to consider all of these factors as it difficult to preempt how they will play out during the negotiation and settlement with respect to legal fees.

    Our Commercial Lawyers will openly communicate all aspects of cost along the process and work with you to ensure you have a successful outcome at a competitive cost.

    We offer competitive professional legal service

    The best way we can assist you is by giving us an understanding of the type of Property that you are purchasing or selling.

    Where possible we will do our best to prepare a quote which gives you an indication of the steps we will be taking in handling your transaction and the associated costs along the way.

    Complete this form and we will contact you within 24 hours with advice on the best way to approach your acquisition and to give you a Free Quote.

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    Our commercial Lawyers understand the importance of being aligned with our clients expectations. We get back to you the same day, provide competitive pricing, work within your timelines. All we ask in return is that your instruction are clear and contain the necessary detail for us to get the job done.


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