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A.L.F. Lawyers have considerable experience in working with clients that are looking to develop either their residential, commercial or industrial properties.

We will liaise with your development managers, surveyors, town planners, body corporate managers and other professionals involved on a day to day basis to discuss your project and assist in resolving any potential development and project issues should they arise.

Our Property Development Lawyers can assist you with:
  1. Negotiating options, contracts and conditions of sale for the acquisition of prospective development sites;
  2. Drafting special conditions to allow for development applications to be sought prior to going unconditional;
  3. Assisting with due diligence;
  4. Providing advice on options to restructure the buyer entity and prepare any transfer of ownership documents required;
  5. Undertaking town planning appeals and providing advice to clients about their rights and obligations under the relevant City Plans and town planning legislation;
  6. Providing advice regarding development conditions, including easements and restrictive covenants;
  7. Arranging joint venture agreements;
  8. Preparing development management agreements, constructions contracts, and project management and marketing agreements;
  9. Conducting reviews and providing advice on funding documents;
  10. For land sales or community titles developments, preparing off the plan contracts and disclosure statements for the sale of lots or put and call options;
  11. Contract administration;
  12. Registration of Survey Plans, Building Unit Plans or Volumetric Plans;
  13. Registration of easements;
  14. Setting up body corporates;
  15. Negotiating terms of letting agreements; and
  16. Settling off the plan contracts.

Meet one of our Commercial Property Lawyer with a vast experience in Commercial Law, Property Development and Land Sub-Division.

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Our commercial Lawyers understand the importance of being aligned with our clients expectations. We get back to you the same day, provide competitive pricing, work within your timelines. All we ask in return is that your instruction are clear and contain the necessary detail for us to get the job done.

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