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Once You Know You’re Heading Towards Separation Speak to a Family Law Solicitor

The breakdown of a marriage or a de facto relationship is something most of us never imagined and can be extremely overwhelming and stressful, often blurring your mind when making decisions about your future.

Once the reality of separation is evident and before you actually separate, you will benefit by making calm, informed decisions to ensure you have the best chance of achieving a fast settlement whilst protecting your children and assets, for an affordable price. The outcome of your separation may determine your future financial position.

Relationships are often complex in nature and require the utmost patience and understanding. As you can imagine, the breakdown of a marriage or partnership leading to separation is often complicated, and working with professionals often helps.

Our separation lawyers in Brisbane are able to assist with your need for legal assistance. Whether it is to initiate legal proceedings for parenting arrangements and a property settlement, or just for a consultation as to your legal rights and obligations, we can help.

Often the reasons for separation, if not addressed carefully, can intensify the dispute and make matters considerably worse. Seeking Legal Advice prior to separation can assist in ensuring you manage your risk and don’t worsen your legal position.

We are among those separation lawyers in Brisbane who consider your financial wellbeing to be a topmost priority when consulting on matters pertaining to any separation-related litigation. With the breakdown of your relationship already likely presenting emotional challenges to your personal wellbeing, it helps to have expert professional support to ensure your decision making and financial standing remains sound.

Our Family Lawyers are sensitive to the trauma of separation and divorce on the individual and on children. We offer professional Family Law Services with Parenting Orders, Property Settlements and Divorce.

At ALF Lawyers, our Brisbane separation lawyers take a full-faceted approach when consulting with clients who are involved with separation proceedings. Our approach is always consultative, and we work closely with our clients to provide professional legal consultation that takes their need for resolution into meticulous consideration. Whether the matter should involve children or otherwise, you can trust in being able to work with our team to find an effective legal outcome.

Why Choose ALF Lawyers to Help With Your Separation Brisbane
  1. We are experts at family law, and when it comes to matters requiring separation, you can rely on us to guide you through the entire separation process, especially considering how stressful it can be.
  2. We bring years of consultative expertise to help our clients achieve their desired legal outcomes.
  3. Our approach is consultative, and we always focus on providing our clients with the knowledge they need to make accurate and confident decisions for their legal matters.
  4. As we are practised family lawyers and estate planners, we can also provide a comprehensive legal service that takes your other priorities into consideration.

Seeking the advice of experienced Family Lawyers in Brisbane is critical in ensuring that your Family Solicitor can advise you accurately.

We offer an initial, one-hour consultation with our Family Solicitors for $220, including GST.

TIP! Remember that what you say on Social Media and to your friends may influence the outcome of your separation. Avoid commentary on Social Media sites, emails and text messages.

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    Tips when separating:

    1. Take every step to remain respectful, civil and cooperative with your spouse/partner.
    2. Work through your finances and decide who will pay specific bills, and from where the money will come.
    3. Work to familiarise yourself with your family finances and obtain as much financial information as possible.
    4. Don’t use your children as the messenger with your spouse/partner.
    5. Consider your lines of credit and establish limits or possibly freeze any increase in your credit limits

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Do I need a Property Settlement?

    We always recommend that our clients attempt to enter into a legally recognised property settlement, either in the form of a Binding Financial Agreement of Consent Orders, with their former spouse/partner.

    Why is a legally recognised Property Settlement important?

    If the parties do not arrange a legally binding property settlement and make an informal arrangement, or no arrangement, then either party be able, at any time until the time limit for action expires (up to two years from date of separation for de facto relationships and up to one year from the date of the final decree of divorce) to apply to the Court for a property settlement.

    Can you help me get a legally recognised property settlement?

    Yes. We can represent you and act as intermediaries to work with your former partner’s legal representatives if any.

    Do I need Parenting Orders?

    It is not always necessary to have parenting orders. The parents are cooperating and working together to care for the children, they can continue to do so without needing the assistance of the Court. If either parent has concerns that the other parent may attempt to withhold the children, that parent should consider seeking Parenting Orders

    Can you help me with arranging Parenting Orders?

    Yes. Our team of Family Lawyers can help you to make parenting arrangements with your former spouse/partner for your children.

    Will you be able to assist on matters of child support?

    Yes, and we can also provide assistance should you require the need to address matters of spousal maintenance.

    Can ALF Lawyers help with estate management?

    Our firm provides expert advice on a full range of matters to do with family law, and estate planning. While these matters may not always follow separation proceedings, they can be a related concern with which our lawyers are able to assist you.


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