In general, matters associated with Family Law are charged on an hourly basis according to the amount of time that the Lawyer spends on your particular matter.

Our Fixed Fee option gives you peace of mind with respect to your legal fees which allows you to know up front what service we will provide for you and how much we will charge for that service. In order to achieve a Fixed Fee arrangement, we arrange a meeting with your appointed lawyer where your requirements are discussed and a plan is produced showing you what needs to be done, how much time has been allocated to it and what it will cost.

1. You avoid Paying by the Hour

Your fee will reflect what has been agreed between you and your Lawyer for the work done.

2. No nasty surprises at the end

We will ensure you are aware of any unplanned circumstances that occur along the path.

3. You Can Plan For the Fee and Payments

Knowing your fee upfront allows you to financially plan for it and get on with other aspects of your life.

4. You and Your Lawyer Work Together

Understanding how much time is allocated to each phase of your matter ensures that both you and your Lawyer work in accordance to the plan and avoid unnecessary costs.

5. No Extras

Being able to know your fee and understand what is included in your fee, it is easy to identify any issues not initially planned for and price them accordingly. This way our price does not include costs associated with things that may or may not happen.

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