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Domestic Violence extends to a range of violent, abusive and intimidating behaviour carried out by one party of a domestic relationship against the other. It is a common misconception that domestic violence only exists where there is physical violence occurring. However, this is not correct, and domestic violence can include any of the following:

  1. Physical or sexual abuse;
  2. Verbal or emotional abuse;
  3. Financial abuse;
  4. Stalking;
  5. Controlling or coercive behaviour;
  6. Threatening behaviour;
  7. Any other behaviour which controls or dominates a person, or causes them to fear for their safety or wellbeing or the safety and wellbeing of another person.

If you believe that you are experiencing any of the above behaviour, please consider seeking services to assist including support groups, police and legal advice.

A.L.F. Lawyers is prepared to assist in providing legal advice for any questions that you may have.

How We Assist Our Clients

If you are accused of Domestic violence there is a high probability that you will be facing the prospect of being charged with a criminal offence and an application for an intervention order.  The domestic violence Solicitors in our team can assist you in understanding your particular situation, providing you some options, assessing the strength of your defence and advising you on the possible outcomes.

A.L.F. Lawyers offer a 1 hour reasonably price consultation with our experienced domestic violence lawyers which is a good place to start in understanding the severity and options available to you.

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    Restraining Orders or Protection Orders

    These are orders which restrict an individual’s access to and interaction with another person or group of people. Other names used of a similar nature include Personal Safety Orders, Family Violence Orders and Domestic Violence Orders.

    Protection orders in Queensland are usually made at a Magistrates Court. An Order will be made if the court believes that violence has occurred and it is necessary to protect the individual from future violence.

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