Criminal Lawyers Brisbane

Criminal Lawyers Brisbane

Being charged with a criminal offence can be an extremely difficult and stressful experience. At ALF Lawyers, our team of criminal lawyers are able to assist with any questions or support that you may require regarding criminal and quasi-criminal offences. We understand that criminal matters can be extremely challenging to all those involved and are able to apply our expertise to ensure that our clients receive the best possible outcome.

Our criminal lawyers are skilled advocates, often appearing before Courts without the need to brief Counsel. However, we are also extremely experienced in the briefing of Counsel for more complex matters or where may otherwise be appropriate.

It is crucial that you obtain the right legal advice to ensure that your rights are fully protected and that you obtain the best possible outcome. A conviction, even for a minor offence, can have significant and long-lasting consequences. Our criminal lawyers are experienced in assisting clients across several types of criminal matters and are able to draw upon this experience to obtain the best possible outcome for our clients. This ability to consistently obtain positive outcomes for our clients has resulted in our Criminal Law firm becoming a trusted source of criminal law representation in the Brisbane region.

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    There are several potential pitfalls and complications which can arise throughout a criminal law matter. At ALF Lawyers, we are experienced in handling criminal matters from the beginning, from the time that a person is first investigated, through to bail applications, committal procedures, trials, sentences and appeals. Our ability to manage matters from the outset allows us to assist clients in avoiding common potential pitfalls and ensures that the matter is correctly managed from the outset.

    This also allows us to ensure that our clients understand their rights, their circumstances, and the best way to proceed with their matter from the outset.

    Our criminal lawyers are experienced in appearing in a number of courts across South East Queensland, and you can rest assured that you are receiving the best possible representation when you engage A.L.F. Lawyers. Our solicitors are experienced across all criminal matters, particularly the following:

    1. Bail applications;
    2. Traffic offences;
    3. Fines;
    4. Assault and violent offences;
    5. Fraud and dishonesty offences;
    1. sexual offences;
    2. Domestic violence;
    3. pleading and sentencing; and
    4. Defended trials.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What should I look out for when working with a criminal lawyer?

    – When considering which criminal lawyer to appoint to your matter, there are a number of matters which should be considered. Some of these are:

    a. That you are able to effectively and openly communicate with your lawyer;
    b. That your lawyer is able to explain your circumstances to you in a clear and easy to understand manner;
    c. That your lawyer is experienced in criminal law and in the area of criminal law relevant to your charges;
    d. That your lawyer is understanding of your circumstances, and will fight to protect your interests.

    Will this result in expensive fees?

    – Although criminal proceedings can be quite lengthy, and result in significant legal costs, we ensure that we are transparent with our clients from the outset with respect to the likely costs of their matter. We ensure that our clients are provided with frequent updates regarding their legal costs to ensure that there are no hidden or unexpected fees.

    Can your firm support a need for other legal services?

    – Often criminal matters will require additional advice in other areas of law, such as family law or commercial law. At ALF Lawyers we have specialised lawyers practicing across a range of areas, who are able to assist with any other assistance that you should require.

    Will this involve a long process?

    – Unfortunately, criminal proceedings can be quite lengthy. The length of your particular matter will depend on a number of circumstances, many of which may be out of your control. At ALF Lawyers, we ensure that we advise our client of this matter from the outset, to ensure that they are fully aware of the circumstances of their matter.

    Are you only able to consult in your Brisbane office?

    – We are able to meet with clients face to face, via telephone or via video should this be necessary. We are also available to attend out of office meetings, attendances upon prisons, and attendances upon watch houses should this be necessary.

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