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    We assist Landlords in the protection of your asset and rental income streams.

    The team at A.L.F. Lawyers can assist you with the preparation of a new lease, the negotiating of a lease, an assignment of a lease, breach of a lease, lease extension, amending or surrendering leases or recovering unpaid rent.

    1. We will issue a Lease to a potential tenant within 48 hours after receiving your full instructions;
    2. Our leases have evolved over many years of experience both as Lawyers and property owners;
    3. We provide a checklist for your new tenant outlining their key responsibilities under the Lease; and
    4. Because of the standardisation of our Lease documents, you will incur lower legal costs where our services are required to resolve problems or disputes in the future.

    The terms of your lease have significant implications on your overall rental costs, agreed terms and usage of your premises. Your lease is also very important in the advent that you want to sell your business or assign the lease.

    Having a Commercial Lawyer to review your lease prior to entering into an arrangement will assist you in understanding and negotiating terms that minimise negative consequences for your business.

    If you are uncertain, take advantage of our FREE 15 minute consultation with our Commercial Lawyer.

    As part of our appointment:

    1. We will undertake a detailed review of your proposed Lease;
    2. We will identify any hidden costs up front;
    3. We take the time to explain conditions of your Lease that may impact your day to day business;
    4. We make ourselves available during the negotiation so you can contact us; and
    5. We will ensure that the terms of your Lease reflect terms agreed between the parties.
    Essentials in A Commercial Lease or Tenant Lease Agreement
    There are a number of key essentials that are required to prepare your lease. This article provides Landlords and Tenants some handy tips of what you should consider as part of the negotiation.
    Meet one of our specialist Commercial Property Lawyer with a vast experience in Commercial Law, Property Development and Land Sub-Division.

    Our promise to you

    Our commercial Lawyers understand the importance of having a commercial lease, tenant lease or industrial leasing prepared quickly and accurately the first time. The pace of business today demands that the legal process is aligned to the day to day business demands, which is why we do our best to prepare your Commercial Lease within 48 hours after we receive it providing all the necessary information is available.


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