Inspections allow the buyer to identify any potential problems that may exist with the property prior to the contract becoming unconditional. Inspections must be included in the contract as conditions, alternatively the buyer may conduct their inspections prior to signing the contract.

Where inspections are included in the contract as conditions, the buyer should arrange for them to be conducted promptly once the contract is signed.

Types Of Inspections

Whether you are buying a $700,000 home or selling a $450,000 Unit, you want to ensure that your priority is protecting your hard earned money, rather than saving a few dollars on your conveyancing. When you engage A.L.F. Lawyers you will only deal with one of our Directors or Lawyers that have over 16 years conveyancing experience.

Building and pest inspections

If the contract is made subject to a building and pest inspection, you will agree on an Inspection Date. As a buyer you must engage a qualified Inspector to carry out the inspection prior to the Inspection Date. It is important that you allow enough time to have the inspection conducted, obtain a copy of the report and review the report in detail.

Should the Inspection Report be satisfactory to you, notice is required to be given to the Seller’s Solicitor (or Seller if self-acting). If the Inspection is not satisfactory you may have rights under the Contract to terminate the Contract or negotiate with the Seller if you would still like to proceed with the Contract.

At A.L.F. Lawyers we can work with you depending on the outcome of the Inspection Report and advise you on your contractual rights and obligations.

You can get a combined building and pest inspection. Make sure the inspector holds a current licence from the Qld Building and Construction Commission. They usually cost $400–$600 for a standard, 3-bedroom home.

Swimming pool inspections

If you have a swimming pool, you must arrange for a licensed inspector to check that it’s safe. An inspection will ensure the pool meets construction standards and follows safety regulations with respect to fences, signs and access. Inspectors must be licensed by the Pool Safety Council. If the swimming pool complies with regulations the Seller will provide you with a Form 23 Pool Safety Certificate.

If the swimming pool does not comply with regulations the Seller must provide you with at Notice of no pool safety certificate. As a potential owner of the Swimming Pool you have rights under the standard terms of the Contract and the Seller has obligations that they are required to satisfy.

At A.L.F. Lawyers we can advise you on your contractual rights and obligations as a Buyer and Swimming Pool owner.

Pre-settlement inspection

Pursuant to the Standard Terms of the Contract, as a Buyer you are entitled to carry out a pre-settlement inspection of the property prior to settlement. The Seller has contractual obligations as to the maintenance and upkeep of the property from Contract Date to Settlement Date. It is strongly advisable that you conduct a pre-settlement inspection of the property you are purchasing 1 – 2 days before settlement to satisfy yourself that it’s still in the same condition (fair wear and tear expected) as when you signed the contract. Prior to inspection you should satisfy yourself that all the conditions of the contract have been met so that you may check anything that was specifically included in the contract as part of your inspection.

Should the pre-settlement inspection reveal any issues or any agreed works have not been carried out (if applicable) A.L.F. Lawyers can advise you on your contractual rights and obligations prior to settling the property.

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