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Once You Know You’re Heading Towards Separation Speak to a Family Law Solicitor

The breakdown of a marriage or a de facto relationship is something most of us never imagined and can be extremely overwhelming and stressful often blurring your mind when making decisions about your future. Once the reality of separation is evident and before you actually separate, you will benefit in ensuring you make calm informed decisions to ensure you achieve a fast settlement whilst protecting your children and assets, for an affordable price. The outcome of your separation may determine your future financial position.

Often the reasons for separation if not handled carefully can intensify the dispute and make matters considerably worse. Seeking Legal Advice prior to separation can assist in ensuring you manage your risk and don’t worsen your legal position.

Our Family Lawyers are sensitive to the trauma of separation and divorce on the individual and on children. We offer professional Family Law Services with Parenting Orders, Property Settlements and Divorce.

Seeking the advice of experienced Family Lawyers in Brisbane is critical in ensuring that your Family Solicitor can advise you accurately.

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TIP! Remember that what you say on Social Media and to your friends may influence the outcome of your separation. Avoid commentary on Social Media sites, emails and text messages.

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Tips when separating:

  1. Take every step to remain respectful, civil and cooperative with your spouse/partner
  2. Work through your finances and decide who will pay specific bills, and where the money will come from
  3. Work to familiarise yourself with your family finances and obtain as much financial information as possible.
  4. Don’t use your children as the messenger with your spouse/partner
  5. Consider your lines of credit and establish limits or possibly freeze any increase in your credit limits
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