Understanding a Seller’s Body Corporate Disclosure Obligations & The Role of Body Corporates In Community Title Schemes – Queensland   In Queensland, it is a legal requirement for a Seller to provide full disclosure regarding body corporate information to the Buyer before entering into a contract for the sale of an existing or proposed  lot...

Big Changes Coming with the Property Law Bill 2023   The Property Law Bill 2023 has been passed by QLD Parliament and will be replacing the current Property Law Act 1974. The Bill is introducing new laws and regulations that will affect property buyers and sellers in QLD. The biggest change coming for QLD property...

Buying a home is one of the biggest purchases you are going to make in your life. If you do not take the time to get legal advice from an experienced property lawyer first, it could end up being a whole lot costlier than it needs to be.

The cooling off period is a period of 5 Business Days after you receive a fully executed contract to purchase a property. During the cooling off period, the purchaser has the option to re-think the purchase and consider their ability to finance the property. If you change your mind within this timeframe, you can elect to terminate the contract at your absolute discretion. While a cooling off period has some obvious benefits, there are some things that purchasers need to be aware of.

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