Wills and EstatesShould I Update My Will

October 30, 2019

Your Will expresses your wishes at a particular point in time, however your personal situation changes on a regular basis.

Day to day events occur that have the effect of revoking all or part of your Will. Generally these events do not trigger the fact that our Estates and therefore our Will, needs to reflect the relevant change.

For these reasons, we recommend that you consult you Will Lawyer every couple of years and review your Will to ensure that it still reflects your current circumstances and wishes.

As a guide, below are some examples of events that are likely to trigger the updating or rewriting of your Will and Estate:

  • Marriage (as marriage will void a pre-existing Will)
  • Entering a De facto relationship
  • Separation or divorce
  • Retirement
  • Your children’s relationships changing
  • The birth of children or grandchildren
  • The establishment of a family trust
  • The purchase or sale of a business,or a house
  • The possibility of bankruptcy or other financial problems audience

For the cost of a Will why chance getting it wrong. Contact our Estate Planning Lawyers on (07) 3088 6161 and be assured that your assets will go the people you love.