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A.L.F. Lawyers specialises in Personal Injury Law with a team of highly experienced personal injury Lawyers in Brisbane on a NO WIN, NO FEE basis.

Our Personal Injury Lawyers understand that initiating a personal injury claim can be overwhelming which is why we take the time to explain the process, step by step in simple English.

Our primary focus is ensuring that our client understand what lies ahead, timelines, and likely outcomes.

Our Lawyers will ensure that the most efficient legal direction is taken so that your matter can be finalised as quickly as possible.

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When faced with a personal injury, people will generally seek advice from family, relatives, and friends.  We encourage clients to seek legal advice from a reliable, trusted Personal Injury Lawyer as soon as possible.

Our Lawyers can assess the case and discuss the possible options available to you.

If you sustained a personal injury that you believe is the result of negligence by another person, institution, or organisation, then we encourage you to arrange an appointment with one of our Personal Injury Solicitors as soon as possible.

Effective and Empathic Personal Injury Lawyers in Brisbane

A world without accidents is not realistic, however you need to consider the impact of that accident in the short to long term. If you are left vulnerable or if you will require specialised care as a result of an accident, then it is important that you are cared for and assisted until you recover.

Similarly, if you have been emotionally distressed or hurt because of negligence by an organisation, or an individual, which resulted from failure of duty of care, then you may be deserving of compensation.

Depending on your specific situation, compensation would be deserved where it is necessary to assist you in your recovery, getting back on your feet and back to normal life.

How We Assist Clients

If you are unsure of your situation and if you have a legitimate legal claim for compensation, then we can assist you as follows:

Step 1 – Initial Telephone Interview – This is offered free of charge so that our Personal Injury Lawyer can commence the assessment process.

Step 2 – Assessment Meeting – This meeting is also free of charge.  The A.L.F. Lawyers Personal Injury Lawyer will review all the circumstances around your specific situation with a view of assessing the situation and identifying if a legal claim exists.

At A.L.F. Lawyers we understand how alone and complex these situations can be and how difficult it is to find people that are willing to take the time to listen when you are battling with medical treatment, medication and counselling.


A.L.F. Lawyers approaches Personal Injury on the premise of a No Win, No Fee basis.  As part of a claim, we generally require medical reports, expert reports and potentially court fees to be paid progressively. The cost of these “disbursements” as they are known can add up. To assist our clients, A.L.F. Lawyers has arrangements in place where these costs are funded by an external company and the amount inclusive of interest becomes repayable once the claim is paid out.

Under normal circumstances these expenses would have to be paid by you up front.  Our arrangement eliminates the stress of additional cost to you at a time where your injury and subsequent recovery should be your primary focus.

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