Managing Director Chantal Bush

Letter Sent to Clients

24th March 2020

As you are aware the COVID-19 situation unfolding worldwide is having unprecedented impacts on interpersonal interactions and business functions. While our office is currently endeavouring to function as normal, we anticipate the possibility that there will be significant disruptions to some services that may affect your transaction.

At some stage the staff at our practice may need to operate remotely. However, we expect that we will be able to continue to attend to all communications with you during this period.

Given that you have a current/new conveyancing transaction underway, we feel it necessary to advise that there is a prospect that your matter may be impacted by unfolding events. Please rest assured we are putting every foreseeable measure in place to avoid this occurring. However, a widespread lockdown or closure could have unknown impacts. We ask you to please consider the following:

  1. Please ensure that you have provided us with your current telephone and email address. It is preferable, almost essential, that we have at least an email and a mobile phone number to ensure that we can communicate effectively. In the event that we only hold one phone number or email, it would be prudent to ensure that we perhaps also have an additional contact in case we have difficulties contacting you. If any of these contact details change please tell us immediately.
  1. Please make your best endeavours to ensure that you have access to printing facilities at your home. We have made our best efforts to ensure that documents which we require in original form have already been obtained and we are endeavouring to proceed on the basis that you will be able to promptly sign and return any further documentation.
  1. In the event that you do not have a printer or a mobile phone to take images of any necessary documentation, please urgently contact our office so that alternative arrangements can be made where possible.
  1. Please make your best efforts to ensure that you have signed all documentation that is required from your bank and ask them what documents and processes must be done in person or in original format. Please let us know urgently if at any time your bank advises you that it may have difficulties in proceeding with your transaction in the timeframe required as there may be real financial consequences if that is the case.
  1. If you do not have access to internet banking, please contact our office immediately as it is highly likely we will require you to make funds transfers during this time. HOWEVER, PLEASE ENSURE THAT OUR EXISTING CYBER SECURITY GUIDELINES ARE FOLLOWED. To that end we attach our Client Cyber Alertsetting out our established processes for money transfers. Despite any COVID-19 limitations placed on services, we will not deviate from these money transfer processes and you should not deviate from them either.
  1. Please ensure that if you are required to send us anything by post that you allow for possible postage delays (contact us if in any doubt about dates we may need documents by). Where available, consider using posting methods that have online delivery tracking.
  2. Please advise us immediately if you have any other concerns or believe there are any other areas or issues we need to address.
  1. If you foresee any factor or circumstance that you know will or may impact on your transaction or your ability to comply with any of the above or your ability to remain in contact with us over any potential closure periods, please urgently advise our office so that arrangements can be made.
  1. If our office is required to close at any time, we will notify you of the best phone numbers to use – until then you should continue to call us on our practice’s known verified phone number mentioned below.


We have taken every reasonable measure that we can to ensure that you will have continued access to members of our staff over the closure. We cannot guarantee that there will not be delays or impacts on your transaction as a result of the evolving situation. However, please ensure that you keep in regular contact with our office and diarise all relevant dates in more than one location.

If you have any queries about any of the issues raised please call your file handler on 07 3088 6161.

Yours faithfully


Chantal Bush

Managing Director

Managing Director Chantal Bush

Client Cyber Alert Sent to Clients

24th March 2020

Attachment ALF

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Buying or selling a home, unit, land or investment property? You are going to need the service of our conveyancing solicitors to ensure the process is smooth. At A.L.F. Lawyers, we take conveyancing seriously, as there is a lot at stake for our clients. Our conveyancing lawyers service clients across all of Brisbane, the Sunshine Coast and the Gold Coast.

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Our team of Brisbane conveyancing lawyers will work with you from start to finish, making sure that the whole process is smooth and efficient. Our team have a great deal of experience in ensuring that your interests are protected at all times. In addition to conveyancing Brisbane and Queensland, A.L.F. Lawyers has represented clients in New South Wales, Victoria and all other states of Australia as well as overseas investors in purchasing their Queensland property.


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Conveyancing is a critical step in the buying or selling of a property and should not be confused as an administrative commodity. Conveyancing involves the transfer of property and all the legal ramifications that pertain to the process. While a conveyancing transaction is relatively straightforward, any problems that occur during the process of conveyancing can cost thousands and set you back time.

At A.L.F. Lawyers, we provide the appropriate advice so that nothing is inadvertently left out of any contracts or other legal documents. In the chance that something goes wrong with your property transaction, you need to ensure that you are represented by an experienced professional rather than a junior administrator. Often you are led to believe that you will deal with a partner or Lawyer but in essence your conveyance is completed by a junior administrator. A.L.F. Lawyers is committted to ensuring that your conveyancer will either be the Managing Partner or our Property Lawyer. We guarantee professionalism reliability and availability at an extremely competitive price.


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We can assist you with property conveyancing Brisbane wide, whether you are purchasing or selling a residential property such as a house, land, unit, townhouse, or if you are buying or selling a commercial office, industrial unit, commercial land or building.

In addition to Conveyancing, we offer clients our professional advice in reviewing contracts prior to the contract being signed. For example, if you are purchasing at an auction, there are a number of things you need to be aware of, which our conveyancing solicitors can help you to understand prior to the auction.  If you are selling your property, we can assist in preparing your contract with clauses that allow you to retain particular items in the house that you love.

Finding experienced conveyancing solicitors who you can trust to handle your financial transaction can be challenging. This is why we stress the importance of reliability, experience, trust and accessibility to ensure your purchase or sale is handled professionally and painlessly.


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Our clients include first home buyers, existing home owners, investors and property developers.

We work closely with real estate agents, bankers, mortgage brokers and surveyors to ensure that the conveyancing process runs is timely, smooth and stress free for our clients.

Beware of firms that try to sell you conveyancing purely on a low price! Conveyancing is significantly more important than just about price; it’s about trust, availability, professionalism and care. In Queensland, when you purchase a property it’s on the terms of  “LET THE BUYER BEWARE”. This means that once you complete the purchase the new buyer is also buying any problems or issues associated with the property.  In managing your conveyancing, A.L.F. Lawyers ensures that we identify any problems and issues that may exist with the property you are purchasing before you become the owner. To understand the types of problems you may encounter read our blog “10 Things that Can Go Wrong When Purchasing A Property”.

So don’t be fooled by low priced promotions as conveyancing is about getting it right, first and foremost, as the alternative is significantly more expensive than your conveyancing fee. While our prices are competitive, we don’t try to secure clients with one transaction and never see them again – we want to develop a working relationship with you and be there for your next property purchase.

We also provide many free and interesting Blogs on our website. These articles are published by our lawyers to assist our clients in preparing for the buying and selling process.