Family LawHow Much Does It Cost to Get A Divorce?

August 4, 2020

Divorce applications can be an expensive exercise. The Family Court and Federal Circuit Court fees to file a divorce application at the time of writing this blog are $910.00. For many people, this cost can be a barrier to applying for divorce. The courts however may offer a discounted fee under certain conditions.


You may be able to apply for reduced fees for an application for divorce if you meet the eligibility requires.

There are several items the court considers when deciding upon your eligibility.


The court will consider any income you receive, including wages, salary, rental income, Centrelink payments, and any other income stream you may have.


The Assets which the court will address here include any liquid assets, including cash or convertible shares and bonds.

Day to day living expenses

The court will compare your day-to-day living expenses against your income and assets. If your day to day expenses exceed your Income and Assets you may be eligible for the fee reduction. The court will require evidence to support your application, demonstrating the truth of your statements about your income, assets and day to day expenses.

What if I am still not able to able to apply for the reduction?

Even if you do not meet the standard requirements, you are still able to apply for the reduction. You will need to demonstrate that in your circumstances you would face financial hardship if you were not able to avoid paying the full fee. A registrar will review your application. It is of critical importance that you provide clear explanation which shows why you will face financial hardship and why you need to the reduction.

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