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Following the breakdown of a marriage or a De facto relationship, you need to consider how you are going to divide your property. A Property Settlement can include any or all of the following:

  • the family home
  • investment properties
  • shares
  • a business
  • trusts, companies and partnerships
  • other assets such as boat, motor vehicle etc.
  • superannuation and self-managed superannuation
  • spousal maintenance
  • pets

Our Team of Family and Property Settlement Lawyers can guide you through the legal process of seeking a fair settlement as quickly as possible.

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In some situations, through mediation, the parties involved in a separation can reach an agreement for the division of property and assets.  Our Family Lawyers can assist you in formalising your agreement quickly and economically. Where a Property Settlement cannot be reached by negotiation with Family Solicitors, the Family Court Brisbane will need to determine an appropriate settlement after considering a number of key factors including:

  • All assets and liabilities;
  • The financial resources of each of the parties;
  • The level of financial and non-financial contribution each party made to the property and the welfare of the family; and
  • The future needs of the parties.

A mutual agreement can be formalized through a Financial Agreement or through Consent Orders in the Family Court.

Establishing the correct value of the properties, businesses and other assets is essential in determining the true present market value of the asset pool under consideration. Our Family Lawyers can advise you on the necessary approach to assist you in receiving a fair outcome.

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Which is why it is important to obtain legal advice from a family lawyer in Brisbane to ascertain your legal entitlement as part of the property settlement.

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