Probate/Letters of Administration

When a loved one passes, an executer will usually require assistance in dealing with probate applications. A.L.F Lawyers can ensure the process runs smoothly during a period of grief.Probate is an application to the Supreme Court of Queensland to authenticate the terms of a will and to give authority to the executors to deal with the Estate. When an individual die’s, someone will be left responsible for handling the estate. Where a will exists, this person is referred to as the Executor of the Will.If the application to the Supreme Court is approved the Executor is given a Grant of Probate, which confirms that:

  • 1. the author of the will had died;
  • 2. the will is in fact authentic; and
  • 3. the Executor is who they say they are.

A Grant of Probate is necessary in order for the Executor to dispose of assets and or debts.

A.L.F. Lawyers understands the pain and grief associated with loosing a loved one. We can assist you in obtaining a grant of probate in the least possible time. We can manage the process on your behalf eliminating the complex administration required in managing the process.