Criminal Lawyers in Brisbane

Being charged with a criminal offence can be an extremely difficult and stressful experience.

It is crucial that you obtain the right legal advice to ensure that your rights are fully protected and that you obtain the best possible outcome. A conviction, even for a minor offence, can have significant and long lasting consequences.

Our criminal lawyers are experienced in appearing in a number of courts across South East Queensland, and you can rest assured that you are receiving the best possible representation when you engage A.L.F. Lawyers. Our solicitors are particularly experienced in assisting with the following:

  1. Bail applications;
  2. Pleadings and sentencing;
  3. Trials;
  4. Summary and indictable offences;
  5. Traffic offences; and
  6. Fines.

Whether you are charged with a simple or serious offence, A.L.F. Lawyers will provide high quality representation to ensure that you obtain the best possible outcome and that your rights are fully protected.

It is important to obtain strong advice at the earliest possible opportunity to ensure that your rights are protected. The faster that you obtain advice, the more options you may have to reach a successful outcome. If you have been charged with an offence, do not wait until it is too late to obtain the appropriate advice.

A.L.F. Lawyers is prepared to assist in providing legal advice for any questions that you may have.

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