As part of the process of buying a property it is strongly recommended that you undertake certain searches to ensure your investment is protected.  At A.L.F. Lawyers we will discuss with you the types of searches that we can carry out on your behalf.  We will quote you on recommend standard searches to ensure you are covered from a financial point of view ie Rates, Water and Land Taxes, as well as Council Searches that may reveal if there are any conditions, notices or illegal improvements on the property.   Search costs are charged by the various service providers including State and Local Government.

You as the client can determine which searches you would like to be undertaken prior to purchasing your property. A.L.F. Lawyers will outline the available searches and advise you on the minimum number of searches that should be undertaken.

Search results may reveal information about a property that often may not be obvious on inspection. Typically, they include aspects such as whether planning permission may be granted for a future development that would negatively impact your property, the quality of the ground on which your house is built, details of common drains and access rights, any future planned roads and any notices pertaining to illegal structures or unapproved extensions.

Depending on the terms of your Contract you may have rights as a buyer.  At A.L.F. Lawyers we can advise you on your contractual rights and obligations as a Buyer.

Searches are charged by the various service providers including State, Local Government and Service Providers. A.L.F. Lawyers will pass on the costs associated with searches to the client at the same price as charged by our service provider.