What Happens To My Children After Separation?

This is a question often asked by newly seperated Mums and Dads.  Parental responsibility refers to all the duties, powers, responsibilities and authorities which parents have in relation to children. We will try to explain Parental Responsibility in this blog to start the process of understanding.

After Divorce Can I Change My Childs Name

When both parents agree, changing a child’s name is a simple matter of registering an application with the proper agency. However, when parents do not agree about changing a child’s name, a court order may be required.

How Long Does A Divorce Take

In comparison to many legal jurisdictions around the world, Australia has a relatively simply process for getting divorced. For most applications, you will not even need to appear in person for the divorce to be granted. There are several factors that go into determining how long a divorce will take.

How Much Does It Cost to Get A Divorce

Divorce applications can be an expensive exercise. The Family Court and Federal Circuit Court fees to file a divorce application at the time of writing this blog are $910.00. For many people, this cost can be a barrier to applying for divorce. The courts however may offer a discounted fee under certain conditions.